[Vwdiesel] Rabbit drppings # 222 ---( with GEORGIA on my mind )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Sep 27 13:44:38 EDT 2005

I Hagar is NOT a religious nutcase ----BUT   when  the movie " Ray " came on my TV exactly
at this time ????   WOW .    --If there was sound in this forum --Hagar would be belting
it out and LOUD.-----------that song sure is a winner  IMHO.
My adventures in Georgia took place in 1953 1954   and I just LOVE   the state of
EORGIA:  ---and that state produced one of the finest Presidents of America of ALL

If Hagar was governor ?  --NO kid would miss one day of school.  I would commandeer
Carter's peanut oil---if that is what it takes. --NOTHING is more important to Amerikas
future than those  Schools and those Teachers---pay them well ---NOT taking the lowest
bidder. Remember one teachers  smarts are multiplied  by the number of students. Denmark
made a MASSIVE investment in schooling after we lost the war with the Germans in
864  ---and we lost Slesvig-Holstein.
I explored Georgia in my 1942 Ford (from Texas no rust)  with the flathead V8
gasser.---wonderfully designed engine.

I pray that Laura BUSH   --will get her act together and ---make sure lots of money will
be allocated for Schools.
Do I Hagar have the American constitution here in front of me ?  --come and see for
yourself --you bet your butts. ---What is wrong with it ?   --it is outdated and obsolete.
IMHO.   But it does not say -that the Governor of Texas can not send diesel oil to
Georgia --IMHO.


PS :  Diesel oil and Diesel fuel are the same in Danish.   ---by the way an Amerikan
danish (pastry)---is better than that awful grit  --some kind of Corn pastry. ?---Before
Kellogg's we in Denmark only fed Korn to chickens.----now Corn-flakes ?  WOW.  Can Hagar
carry a TUNE ? are you kidding --my Grandmother was a famous Opera singer from Bergen
Norway.  --I even sing Gospel at times --if drunk enough.

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