[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 224 ---( Amerikan education )

Dan Sloan dsloan at DRAKE.EDU
Fri Sep 30 16:52:15 EDT 2005

Remove a large number of whatever ethnic group sits at the bottom of the
food chain and you'll reduce crime.  In every locale and generation that
group has been different.  The best way to remove them from the bottom...is
to give them access to the tools to build their own ladder.  Maybe that's
jobs, education or whatnot.  

Perhaps we need a new jobs program...one that will provide inexpensive
renewable energy...such as biodiesel...as an end product.  The folks in the
program get paid, pick up a skill set, and help the country get off the
fossil fuels habit

-- Dan

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> Hagars finger with a nail in it is pointed at Regans 
> secretary of Education  Bill Bennett Secretary of Education 
> William Bennett --IMHO is a complete IDIOT.
> With people (scum) like that ? --No wonder Amerikan Public 
> Education has gone all to shit.
> For our  international Friends ---this man said that 
> remove... a LOT of Blacks and ---rate of crime will be 
> lowered.-----I am as whitey as a bleached maggot --so this 
> does not  do any harm to me.
> Does it have to do with VW Diesels?  --bet your butt. 
> ---Education has to do with EVERYTHING.
> When a high ranking Politician (on Fox) say that NO WAY will 
> ice melting raise the sea level --that shows us how STUPID  
> they are at the top. --Global warming has not been proven to 
> be affected by burning fossil fuels ?----the lack of fish has 
> nothing to do with overfishing ?--it is a natural 
> cycle.---WELL let me tell you guys --it is a natural cycle 
> that your types are on the way OUT.---and it can not be too 
> fast for me.
> Would 10 million Bunny Bondos in California make a difference 
> ?  --to fuel use
> ?----(consumption?)--------------------- THINK.
> Hagar.
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