[Vwdiesel] water pump replacement question

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sat Apr 1 19:26:43 EST 2006

I finally figured out why the TDI overheated:  the water pump (9000 
miles old) died.  The plastic impeller spins free on the shaft.  Runs 
suprisingly well without it, but in the end I'm still in the garage with 
parts scattered everywhere.  Turns out that's not an uncommon phenomenon 
if you peruse Fred's TDI page.  The new one has a metal impeller. 

I got the pump back in and am trying to get all the other stuff stuck 
back in.  The question I don't know the answer to is about the timing 
belt idler/roller.  The big one with the stretch bolt in it.  You have 
to pull that to get to the water pump.  I went to the dealer to get a 
replacement bolt and it was threaded all the way to the head unlike the 
old one which had a non-threaded inch or so.  Parts guy said the part 
number had been superceeded and the new part was the one in my hand.  I 
didn't ask (and he didn't look like he knew) whether the new bolt was a 
stretch one or not.  Anyone done a TDI timing belt lately to know 
whether it's now just a "torque until tight" regular bolt or if I should 
still do the book stretch torque regimene?



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