[Vwdiesel] Timing Belt Change: I know I goofed--how much?

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 22:05:34 EST 2006


After sending that last message, I really started
thinking about how engines worked, and at one point
when I was frustrated about (actually before typing
it) I was thinking about how the engine shouldn't care
as long as the bottom end was correct.

Anyway, I got the belt on, and I'm sure it is on
correctly.  I timed the crank marks, the cams for #1
were up, and I had a bright idea and manually turned
the pump to watch fuel squirt out of the four ports,
and stopped it when it squirted for #1.  

There are actually two holes that the pin could fit
in, so it would be possible to time the pump 180 out
if you put the pin in the wrong hole.  However, when I
watched the fuel squirt out and put the pin in, I
noticed that there was a little notch in the IP
sprocket that lined up with a mark.  Sheesh, all that
worrying for nothing!

Today I also changed a leaky oil pan gasket, checked
the pump's timing, adjusted the valved (they were all
pretty tight), replaced the air filter, a general tune

I was going to try to start it and let it run for just
a few seconds (there isn't a radiator installed yet),
but the only extra battery I had had been sitting out
for over a year and was very weak, even after being on
a charger for awhile and having a jump from the
Cabriolet.  The starter would barely move.  I think
part of the problem (with not taking a jump) is the
battery cables are pretty dirty.

I'll get back on it soon enough.


--- David Brodbeck <gull at gull.us> wrote:

> David Cook wrote:
> > But, as I'm typing this, I could be having a
> > revelation...  Does it matter?  Won't it actually
> work
> > if I just make sure the pointer is at TDC, then
> set up
> > the camshaft so that the valves were closed?
> Right, it doesn't matter.  Remember, the "part of
> the cycle" is governed
> by the camshaft!  The bottom end doesn't care.  The
> #1 piston will
> *always* be at TDC when the pointer on the flywheel
> is aligned, and
> that's what matters.
> > Still, any way to know what the pump is doing, if
> it
> > is 180 out other than trying to start it later?
> I think the locking pin will only go in when it's in
> the proper
> position.  If you don't have the pin you should
> still be able to see the
> holes for it.
> VW gave you enough external marks to time this
> engine without any issues.

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