[Vwdiesel] Knock-knock...

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Apr 4 13:43:27 EDT 2006

Who's there?
My this moderated site does go quiet. I think there are two main reasons...
(1) the time delay; I used to be able to post an irksome reply in about 3 
minutes. Now it takes from 8hrs to 2 days
(2)Many posters are being blocked by some 2-bit auto blocking device  being 
employed by the host :o( which is why I can only post as the President!

Maybe everyones off on a seal cull (or not due to global warming melting the 
ice floes)
Naaaah everyones run to the Yahoo spam site...

Diesel content...
My soon to be killed off Quantum has suffered for a few months from severe 
thumping noises  (freewheeling or in gear) One shake turned out to be a rear 
tyre [tire?] with a flatspot that was rattling the rear seat latch.  Next 
noise to be uncovered which got very bad was comiing up through the steering 
and was apparent from about 20mph to 70mph and reduced slightly at over this 
speed. The noise was a steady faint rumble with a regular knock.
Another flat spot on a front pneumatic I thought. Tyre changing made no 
difference. Both gaitors are split on the UJ's (At least one was already 
split when I got the car and maybe the other was too)[Not bothered as this 
was a $250 car with half a tank of diesel and 11 months road worthiness 

Fast driving round a corner with noisy side on inside of bend reduced noise 
Hard locing and circling in a carpark was not conclusive. Took front strut 
off complete and replaced with one from a car that has stood for  4 years.
The wheel bearing on the 'new' strut span like new but the problem one 
although free to spin   was as dry as a bone; yet seal looked intact. 
Reassembled without bothering to do the u/j's incase they were still the 
problem also.
Car ran smoothly for the first time in a couple of months So now I'm 
wondering if I should protect these joints with plastic bags? Car will be 
dead in July...

Final knock-knock...
Today brake pedal was very soft whilst driving. Still easy to stop car; but 
pedal travels waaaay down!
Engine off and pumping pedal twice firms pedal up to about 1/4 travel before 
operating. Sustained pressure and no leaks/sinking. Engine on and pedal 
sinks... Not a little but half of its movement. Pumping raises bite point a 
little but it seems to sink under sustained pressure?

Any ideas anyone?
{posted tues 04 18:44}


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