[Vwdiesel] Diesel engine in Karmin Ghia VW etc.

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Mon Apr 10 09:42:20 EDT 2006

How about a 924?

Direct bolt in for a 5 cyl TD, light weight, fantastic handling, already water cooled, and incredibly cheap.

I have a very sound 1981 with M471 (turbo suspension, wheels and brakes), and a 5000 TD just waiting their turn through the shop.  My eldest daughter's dream car is a diesel Porsche (OK, her SECOND dream car, since an orange '68 912 would be first, and maybe that is shared with an India Red 964).

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> > The whole idea (to me) is to get the engine into a 2000 pound or 
> less car 
> > so it can really get pwr/wt ratio right.
>  How about a Porsche 914?  Mid engine, close to 50/50 weight 
> ratio 
> already, should be room under the hood for a vertical install, 
> same 
> bolt pattern as an air cooled, competetion pedigree on the tranny 
> and 
> remove the spare tire up front to install the radiator and you 
> still have 
> two small trunks left!  Oh, and a targa top to boot!  :-)
>     Loren
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