[Vwdiesel] About to rebuild a 1.6

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I'd use a steel rule and a set of feeler gauges to set the cam.

Contrary to the very clever people here; there IS a work around to the dial 
Use a set of digital (or clock)vernier callipers. eg


Across the pond these are free with Kelloggs Corn flakes !

Use the butt end.
accurate to 100th of a mm. + your ability to take a reading.

Important to set cam to crank accurately though (leave car in gear is one 

Do get a dial gauge when you can though...

>From: James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] About to rebuild a 1.6
>Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 23:33:01 -0600
>for ether overdose, you will have cracked rings, and will probably need
>the cylinders bored if it was ran for long like that.  The pieces tend
>to scratch the cylinder walls. Plan for the worst...
>Get the intermediate shaft bearings replaced too, don't consider it
>the cam indexing plate is a piece of flat the right thickness.  Pump
>pin, is a suitably sized pin. nothing fancy.
>you do need a dial indicator and holder to time the pump properly, no
>tricks there.
>Have the head pressure tested if reusing.  Ether can get up to some real
>mischief on diesel heads- causing cracking, and not between the valve
>seats, which is normal btw.
>A good manual (robert bently) is like mustard and relish on a hamburger.
>   You can do without, but it's so much better with.
>Clint Anderson wrote:
> > Getting ready to rebuild the diesel in my rabbit. The previous owner
> > substituted starting fluid for glow plugs for to long. Blow by galore
> > and of course, it won't start with out a push. Anyways, anything I
> > should be looking for as I take it apart? Any tips to rebuilding it.
> > Tricks so I don't have to buy the special tools to set the pump and cam
> > are always welcome too ;)
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