[Vwdiesel] About to rebuild a 1.6

david hardy david at planetmind.net
Tue Apr 11 13:41:00 EDT 2006

>  Intermediate shaft 
> bearings are a MUST and there's a thin o-ring on the back lip of the 
> intermediate shaft seal holder you don't want to miss replacing too.

I, too, am doing *both* my 1.6Ls (81 pickup and 89 jetta) - I wasn't planning on the 
intermediate shaft bearings, Bentley says they are subject to very little wear - but is it easy? 
Can it be done with engine in?

>   Oh, you'll have to measure the piston projection with a calipier or 
> depth gauge, stack of feeler gauges or such, and order the head 
> gasket according to what you come up with. 

mine both had 3-notch gaskets - and my caliper says piston projection is about 1.1mm on the '89 
- which is outside specs for the 3-notch. What does this mean? Use another 3-notch, or stretched 
rods? Then again, my caliper is a cheap one, could be off.

Also, the pickup's cyliders have slight scratches - not anything you could catch a finger nail 
on, but they are there - will honing be sufficient?

thanks for the advice.



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