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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 22:10:29 EDT 2006


I think your engine is dead and you should sell it to
me cheap for a boat anchor!

Just kidding.

If you were cranking on the crank bolt and the engine
had opportunity to move (car not in gear, no one on
brakes), it doesn't take much imagination to think
that the belt may have easily skipped a tooth. 
Luckily it doesn't appear that it skipped enough teeth
to have caused internal damage.

I have no idea what VAG-COM should/would tell you in
that instance, I don't have much of a grasp on what it
has the cabapility to read.

When I timed my 1.6, the pump naturally wanted to go
just past where the pin hole lined up.  You'll need to
fashion some kind of pin to make that work, I'd
imagine.  Sounds like a deep socket works well for
that job.

Good luck,


--- "S. Shourds" <sshourds at flash.net> wrote:

> So I finally get the water pump in, with much
> trevail.  I end up having 
> to pull off most of the accessories because an all
> but non-existant bolt 
> (at least according to local dealer inventory)
> dropped from the 
> thermostat housing into the works.  I also end up
> breaking off the 
> surprisingly cheesy plastic dipstick tube, and
> probably terminally 
> ticked off the neighbors with night after night of
> throwing wrenches.  
> And, in a moment of fatigue-induced stupidity, I
> look down and realize 
> that I'm putting 33 ftlbs torque on the camshaft
> sprocket nut with the 
> car in gear and nothing holding the sprocket or the
> camshaft so that 
> it's all going agaiint the belt.  I really hope that
> didn't wreck the 
> belt....
> Irregardless, it's back together.  Problem now is,
> it won't start.  Ran 
> fine before, just fills the garage with smoke now. 
> I think it's out of 
> time.  It did that the last time I had to pull the
> timing belt off, but 
> it's been a while and I tried to block out the
> memories.  I pulled up 
> the VAG-COM and it acted like nothing was wrong. 
> I'm pretty sure I have 
> the injection pump on, though it's hard to tell.  It
> really wants to be 
> just about a third of the timing hole off and since
> I don't have a 
> crankshaft lock, I can't get the cam and crank timed
> with the pump 
> pinned.  The question for tonight is:  if the pump
> timing is off by a 
> tooth, I thought that VAG-COM gave you an error like
> "timing outside of 
> injection start window" or some such.  Anyone
> remember such an event?
> I am so fed up with this car.  It's 4:00 AM, I've
> been working on this 
> car off and on for weeks, my only other car is
> hanging on by a thread, 
> and I am just so tired.  If I could get it started
> long enough to get it 
> out of the garage, I'd burn it to the ground. 
> Where's a good Paris riot 
> when you need it?
> -Shalyn
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