[Vwdiesel] tire pressure

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Fri Apr 14 21:48:11 EDT 2006

gary wrote:
> I too run at higher pressures than what the book says.
> Keep in mind... when my car was built, (most)tires were rated max 32psi, 
> so 26-28psi pressures were appropriate. These days, my fairly new tires 
> are rated max 54psi. Technology has changed.
> So, I don't feel out of line with pressures around 44psi on my car. I am 
> paying close attention to wear. One of these days I will follow the wife 
> unit whilst she drives and scan the breadth of the tire with one of 
> those laser thermometers.
> -Gary
> 97 Passat TDI

I did a tread wear test at varying tire pressures on a set of tires once:

I noticed almost no change in the wear rates running the (44 PSI max) tires at both 32 and 
44 psi.  When I finally bumped up the pressure to 44, the handling of the tires was 
greatly improved.  At 32 psi, they squealed and slid around even slow turns, at 44 they 
cornered so much better.


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