[Vwdiesel] tire pressure

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Apr 14 23:06:13 EDT 2006

> I did a tread wear test at varying tire pressures on a set of tires once:
> 	http://www.4crawler.com/Diesel/Tires.shtml#ProperInflation
> I noticed almost no change in the wear rates running the (44 PSI max) tires at both 32 and 
> 44 psi.  When I finally bumped up the pressure to 44, the handling of the tires was 
> greatly improved.  At 32 psi, they squealed and slid around even slow turns, at 44 they 
> cornered so much better.
  Very good article Roger.

Most passenger car tires have very thin, very flexible sidewalls, that 
allow for a nicer ride, but allow too much tire roll in a turn, and you 
wind up with maybe half the tread putting any weight on the road, and 
reducing available traction substantially.  Higher inflation pressures 
reduce sidewall roll, such as you found.  We do goofy camber adjustments 
to overcome this on the race car.

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