[Vwdiesel] High fuel prices

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Apr 20 11:24:28 EDT 2006

  Problem is once they're the "standard" we'll still be spending as much or 
more for our annual fuel than we have been.  Every industry where a new 
product calls for LESS usage, the price of the product increases by the 
ammount of less usage!
  In flooring they came out with perimeter glued floor. You use a bit less 
than a fourth of the glue!  Save money on the glue right?  Nope.  The 
perimeter glue cost 4 to 5 times much as the full spread adhesive.  
Epoxy body primer did the same thing, each time they improved 
the product for less product to do the same job (more solids, less 
volatiles) the price increased by at least as much as the savings.

  Once we see 50mpg cars as fairly regular, you'll have to have the 
obscure 100mpg models in order to be saving any money.  Standard 
supply and demand.

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toensing at theunion.net writes:

> But until people wake up I don't think we will be able to buy any 50 MPG 
> vehicles other than a Toyota Prius, Honda Civic &Insight hybrids.

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