[Vwdiesel] 2.25 inch exhaust

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Sun Apr 23 19:56:03 EDT 2006

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> The one thing that 
> he said would help the greatest, along with a size increase would be 
> some sort of performance header like the hotrods use. I don't think 
> they make such a thing for a VW diesel, and I don't have the cash to 
> have one fabricated from stainless {if your gonna do it, do it right} 

  They make headers for gas Rabbits.  It'll fit just the same but vibration 
will likely crack it.  Don't know of anybody that's tried one for sure to see 

if it does though.  
  Next best thing would be the manifold, downpipe and maybe accordion 
pipe from a 1. Rabbit diesel (and gas too I think).  It's free enough flowing 

that it was listed as a budget upgrade for the later ones, if you didn't want 

to buy a header.
  Unless you live in the salt belt you really shouldn't need SS for your 
exhaust.  Every diesel around  here still has the original exhaust unless 
it's been up-sized.  None have been replaced from rust and that includes 
Dad's '70 220D which has spent quite a bit of time sitting off and on.

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