[Vwdiesel] VW 1.6 Diesel exhuast

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Tue Apr 25 10:34:30 EDT 2006

so true, but what you may not understand, is that as the pipe diameter 
goes up, sound goes down [ to a point ] my head pipe broke last year , 
right under me, talk about loud ! but....... the week I drove it like 
that I saw my mileage jump from 42 mpg to almost 48 mpg. I drive 504 
miles back and forth to work every week, so mileage figures for me stay 
fairly consistent, and are easy to calculate. on the subject of glass 
packs, I can'''t see how they would " clog" any worse than a normal, 
chambered muffler, I would be more inclined to think a regular muffler 
would clog faster...besides, all that resonator under your diesel is 
just a german made glass pack really. All ideas are good ideas, i just 
want to try it and see what the result is.

Terry Briggs
Third Wheel Engineering
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