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Yep, if you are in there that deep, with the age of
the car, you have lots of junk in the caliper piston.
Easy to pop out the piston with compressed air, only
use like 20psi and make sure to put an old towel down
to pop the piston out into....it really shoots out.

the "rebuild" kit is just the two rubber bands, the
only reason to replace a caliper is if the piston is
rusted solid and you can't get it out or the walls of
the piston bore are so pitted they will not seal.

Good luck.


--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 4/25/2006 8:45:55 AM Pacific
> Standard Time, 
> dsloan at DRAKE.EDU writes:
> > Is it possible that I've been running on original
> '84 pads?  They still had
> > the VW logo on them...and one of the cylinders
> (left front) bleeder valves
> > refuses to bleed, even when completely removed. 
> Any suggestions?
> > 
>   Nearly anything's possible, however unlikely. 
> Could just be factory 
> replacements.
>   You might try "standing" on the pedal with that
> bleeder out and see 
> if you can blow it clear.  Otherwise it's get a
> bristle out of a wire brush 
> and try and poke the hole open.  You might end up
> having to disassemble
> the caliper to get it accomplished.  A rebuild kit
> probably wouldn't be a 
> bad idea anyway.  :-)
>      Loren
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