[Vwdiesel] Bearings

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Apr 30 00:18:30 EDT 2006

  I was about 85% sure the mains interchange and 100% sure the rods do. 
  Looking through my 5000 Bentley manual it says the mains are larger 
and the rods are 1.5 rod size.  But then it lists ALL 5K engines, gas 
and diesel, at the same sizes.  :-P
  It was one of my suppliers that originally told me I could order two sets 
of rings and rod bearings for less.  I checked prices; rods for a 5K TD 
are less than double for a 1.6 and mains are just a bit over double.
  Synchros are available but generally don't need replaced unless 
it chirps into gear.

In a message dated 4/29/2006 8:44:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk writes:

> Well, if the mains in the Rabbit and the 5000 are the same, then it 
> would be /much/ cheaper to go with two sets of Rabbit bearings. ~$40/set 
> locally for the blue/white box vs ~$120/set for the Audi bearings. Can 
> we confirm this somehow? I have the Audi book, someone tell me what to 
> look for.
> Rabbit bearings are the same for connecting rods for sure, though? Those 
> are cheaper too, and purchasable in singles.
> I don't suspect the engine's been abused, but I'm a finicky 
> engineer-type and just want the most solid engine possible when I put it 
> in. Transmission, too, since I'm regearing a VW 016 Syncro transmission 
> to take advantage of a better 5th gear, and possibly fourth.
> On that note, anyone know of a good place to get synchronizers? I 
> consider them "semi-consumable" and might be looking to replace them in 
> the "new" 016.

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