[Vwdiesel] Pump leak from bottom?

jeremy jwchou at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 1 15:34:16 EDT 2006

I had same problem on my 81 NA rabbit few months ago. I had to remove the IP
and sent it out to replace the seal at the cold start lever. Now it is leak

--- MWoodland at Dentsply.com wrote:

> 91 NA w/281k...
> The pump was tight when I bought the car (275k) , and I've been adding
> Power Service for the first few thou. then when I got things cleaned up
> (and the full load enrichment screw adjusted correctly), I started adding a
> few oz.of MMO with each tank.
> Since adjusting the full load, the idle dropped, and I have been
> compensating by pulling on the cold start advance.. and leaving it on till
> I get the time to mess with setting up the pump correctly (and learning how
> to do it correctly)
> The pump had started leaking slightly from the rear, and from reading the
> archives, I assumed that it was probably from the cold start advance
> mechanism.
> It wasn't bad, and would leave 1-2 drops when I parked it.
> This weekend, I had just added a pound of dissolved paraffin wax... Hagars
> wax test.. and before it even hit the pump the pump was leaking heavily
> from the rear ( block side). Visibility was very limited, but with my best
> flashlight, it appeared that the pump was leaking from an area behind the
> cold start lever, from a circular boss cast into the bottom rear of the
> pump, right next to the pump head interface.
> Does anyone know if there is a plug / screw,, O-ring sealed 'something'  on
> the bottom that could be leaking?..
> and could be replaced / tightened from underneath, without removing the
> pump?
> Since this is the low point between the cold start advance, and the pump
> head, I'm starting to think it may also be the pump head 0-ring...
> I promptly ran out of time, but as soon as I get home, I'll get the mirror,
> and see what's going on underneath.
> I have most of the tools, and years of VW / Audi / Benz experience.. but
> very little diesel, and even less diesel pump experience.. and would be
> pretty intimidated to pull the  pump without the cam locating 'tool', dial
> indicator, etc, to set the pump timing back up...
> though I do see these things (and more) looming in my future like a train..
> Many thanks,
> Mark
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