[Vwdiesel] Bio-Diesel vs Straight Veggie Oil

James A Roberts junkvws at juno.com
Fri Aug 4 09:35:26 EDT 2006

               I have now been running straight WVO filtered but not
cooked for 46,000 miles and 18 Months. Now in the winter months it's a
bit more difficult to get the oil to ignite so I now run a 50/50 mix of
Diesel and WVO. But I live in AZ. I can do that.  In 46,000 miles I have
replaced my fuel filter twice(2) times. I have read many articles about
"bio-diesel", and the claim is that there is a 10% decrease in engine
power when running bio-diesel or straight oil..................Baloney!!!
I honestly can't tell the difference between diesel fuel and straight
               Now the idea that you could possibly clog the injection
system with the "varnish" of Veggy oil is more than possible. I drive
approx. 125-165 miles daily, and I also am driving a 1980 Rabbit p-up
1.6TD, the bottom line is that the veggie oil does not get a lot of
"sitting' around" time. Also the other thing that I like to do is every
third or forth tank full of veggie oil, I like to mix 3 gallons of Diesel
and 1 gallon of Gasoline to a full tank of oil. It really seems to keep
the "varnish" levels down. Anyway, so far not one single problem. I did,
however, decide to remove my injection pump and reseal it. I was very
clean inside I could see no obvious wear. If I had more time to "cook" my
oil, I do have the recipe to get clean cooked veggie oil, with minimal
work and NO Methanol. There are other ways of dissolving lye. I cooked up
70-80 gallons of WVO when I first started this and did the whole process
like they make "bio-diesel",but with a lot less cost and much less labor.

James Roberts
'80 Rabbit P/up 1.6TD
'80 Rabbit P/up 1.6NA
'80 Rabbit P/up 1.6 L Gas
'81 Rabbit P/up 2.0l 16V Gas
'82 Rabbit P/up 1.6 TD

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