[Vwdiesel] Alternator lower mount becoming oblong

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Aug 9 08:17:34 EDT 2006

Milt Kaplan wrote:
> Why is this mount on the case wearing to an oblong shape? It's at the point where the belt can no longer be adjusted to be tight.  I think Roger B or someone made a repair by drilling a bigger hole thru alternator case and support bracket then putting thru a larger bolt? This is engine with airconditioning using the big support bracket. Seems like it might be difficult to drill out a straight hole thru the support bracket while mounted in vehicle. Milton.

In my case it was the A/C bracket that had an oversized hole (for the bolt holding it in 
place) and that led to the bolt getting sheared off as the bracket twisted back and forth 
under load.  I used a larger bolt there and no longer had problems with the A/C bracket 
loosening and that leading to the alternator/belt loosening:


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