[Vwdiesel] Alternator lower mount becoming oblong

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Aug 9 20:45:17 EDT 2006

Val Christian wrote:
> Related, but not an altenator bracket...
> Some of the old compressors had "oversize" holes.  I reality, they were
> missing a bushing.  Without the bushing, they would elongate the hole in
> the Al casting, and things would tend to fall apart readily.  The last
> car I recall having this problem was a 80 Rabbit.  The newer cars seemed 
> to not have that bushing.  
> Val

Mine was an '81 w/ factory A/C.  Could very well have been a missing bushing.  Funny thing 
was the first time I found the problem, I took it to a dealer shop to fix it.  I think all 
they did was to put a new bolt in there and within a month it had sheared off again.  When 
I finally tore into it when I changed water pumps, I fixed it for good, both belts stayed 
nice and tight.


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