[Vwdiesel] 5th Glow plug?

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Tue Aug 15 13:44:51 EDT 2006

If original, 79 had slow plugs and relay for SURE.

But, the relay was interchangable in the same socket,
so if the wire plug tabs on the bottom of the relay
are not the same, it is the wrong relay, I would

--- Chris Jude <vegbenz300 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Once again, Loren, thanks!  Always seem to be able
> to answer my funny
> questions.
> I do need to pick up a set of offset wrenches.
> I ordered a relay from autohausaz, as they said that
> I'd need a fast glow
> relay for the plugs they sell.  Well the relay
> doesnt fit the position in
> the fuse box.  I'm wondering if they just sent the
> wrong one, or if i'm
> gonna have trouble replacing this relay...
> chris
> carnation, wa
> > I've done it once or twice.  As I recall there's
> no choice but
> >to remove the injector lines.  It MIGHT be possible
> without
> >doing it but you'll save a ton of scratches, gouges
> and time!
> > Deep offset box end wrenches sometimes make a
> difference
> >too.
> > To put the nut back on you'll need a piece of wire
> or a small
> >screwdriver.  Put the nut back up it a bit, hold it
> there.  Put the
> >end of the wire or screwdriver against the stud and
> let the nut go.
> >Now you spin the nut until it grabs, remove the
> wire/screwdriver
> >and tighten. (Don't forget the buss bar though!)
>   >   Loren
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