[Vwdiesel] belt adjustment on 85 N/A w/AC

Pam & Doug Boes db53248 at alltel.net
Wed Aug 23 19:00:31 EDT 2006

Since I had the IP off because of a seal leak at the cold start shaft and I
also had a coolant leak, replaced the water pump and the lower hoses (at
least one was original). I've partially reassembled because I'm still
waiting for the IP rebuild. The bracket that holds the AC compressor has
threaded holes toward the engine and under the IP. There is also a through
bolt on the underside. On the side under the alternator there is a jacking
bolt for adjusting the tension and a pinch bolt for securing the compressor.
After putting in the two bolts under the IP and the through bolt underneath,
there is almost no pivot motion in the compressor. Does the through bolt
actually belong on the bottom side? It seems to me that the two bolts under
the IP should be plenty for support and will still allow belt adjustments at
the jacking bolt. Are the pivot bolts and the jacking bolt and the pinch
bolt all that is supposed to be holding the AC compressor in position?

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