[Vwdiesel] FW: thermostat blues

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PB Blaster Rocks!!!!  I sprayed the stub three different times and let it
soak awhile. Then, when I couldn't get enough swing with a small vice grip,
I clamped on with the large one, end on, as tight as I could still close the
grip. I started tapping on the vice grip and the stub started moving! I
thought the vice grip was slipping, so I reset it a couple of times and was
so happy when I figured out the stub was moving.

I'm not sure if the bolts were just corroded or if a previous worker had put
thread locker on the bolts. Either way, now I need a new bolt and I should
be ready to reassemble with new coolant, etc. 



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I sure hope YOUR way works! With care and caution I have done what you're
doing sucessfully.  I have also in worse cases, drilled out what was left
and then used a heil-a-coil to replace the threads and use same size
replacement bolt to resecure the thermostat housing.  Good luck!



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Subject:  [Vwdiesel] thermostat blues
Date:  Sun, 27 Aug 2006 14:05:52 -0500
I think my thermostat was stuck closed. I pulled off the lower hose and only
a dribble of coolant came out. I tried to remove the thermostat housing but
snapped off one of the screws. Plenty of coolant came out of the radiator.
Does anyone know any tricks for removing screw stubs from the water pump
housing w/o removing the housing from the engine of the Caddy? I've doused
it with PB Blaster and plan to grab the stub with vice grips and try tapping
it loose.

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