[Vwdiesel] head gasket

Pam & Doug Boes db53248 at alltel.net
Wed Aug 30 19:18:52 EDT 2006

Tell me it's not a blown head gasket!!!


#1 son takes the Caddy out and calls home and says it died along the road
and it smells really hot. I changed out the thermostat and fan switch but it
still blows coolant out the fill hole as soon as it starts. I also noticed
it was puffing white smoke when I started it. It also seems doggier than


Does anyone have some good instructions for head gasket replacement? The
Bentley gets into a whole engine teardown but I want to pull the head,
replace the gasket and reassemble and go. I seem to remember someone
bragging that they could replace a head gasket in XXX hrs. (something like 2
or 3). I'd like to follow a script and get it done over a weekend. Will I
need two valve cover gasket sets for retorquing after ~1000 miles on a new
gasket. Can I see the notches before I start?

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