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	When I was running a Rabbit pickup with a Jetta 1.6 turbo diesel I
just ran a 2.5 inch straight pipe. The turbo seems to do a pretty good job
of making the exhaust sound reasonable. It was a little loud when I was on
it really hard but if you ever heard a new Harley by comparison it is really
quiet as a kitten. The turbo really spools up fast and you have lots of
power with a 2.5 inch straight pipe.
Brian Decker

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I've yet to take my Jetta (85 1.6 TD) out on the open road and opened 
'er up, for obvious reasons, but I'm wondering
if it's usual for it to sound kinda like a tricked-out  high revving 
little sports car;  once the tach gets above about 2,500 and at or 
nearly at WOT.  The exhaust system looks to be intact, I can't hear any 
exhaust leak when idling in the driveway.  There's a rather small 
diameter muffler-looking thing (resonator?) about 2 feet back from the 
down-pipe and then the rather stock looking muffler at the rear of the 
car.  It seems especially loud at lower revs when coming back down steep 
hill and using engine braking only, is it possible that the muffler is 
original, and it's missing it's usual contents but still looks good on 
he outside.  Just trying to get up a comprehensie parts list, thanks.


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