[Vwdiesel] blinking alternator light ??

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Sun Dec 10 14:09:00 EST 2006


so got a jump from a friend, drove out to get a battery charger

(NB: I picked up a Black & Decker 110v charger at WalMart for $35 - I  
think they're supposed to be over $100, so if anyone's interested...  
I don't know if it's a local special, store-wide, or just clerical  
error - but I wasn't going to ask)

anyway, on the way back the alt started charging normally again
warmer here now than last 2 days

here's my theory:
brushes shrink in the cold
so they were making intermittent-to-no contact last couple days when  
but the combination of warmer temps today, sun, and leaving the car  
idling when I went into WalMart may have allowed them to lengthen to  
where they're making contact again

just a guess
I'm going to go pull them and check
(no idea what I'm looking for, but I'll post a picture somewhere -  
maybe someone can tell me)


Rolf in MA

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