[Vwdiesel] no reverse

hwy9fergs at comcast.net hwy9fergs at comcast.net
Mon Dec 11 11:00:16 EST 2006

You may have lost the lateral adjustment of the linkage.  When you throw to the left for reverse, the arm on the trans may not be getting far enough over to be able to go in gear. The adj is behind the bottom of the engine (front end of the shifter link rod) . Unfortunately though, if your shifter bushings are all worn out, it might be best to start with replacing them.  Doug

I'm having 1 problem:
No reverse.
The funny thing is this is new, just started happening tonight. I've know
for a while there was a little too much free play in the stick, but it never
caused the gears to pop so I ignored it.
It will shift fine with every gear EXCEPT reverse, it feels like you just
can't reach it with the stick.
Help... :D

Stephen T. Kraus Jr.

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