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Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 11 16:49:01 EST 2006

Go VNT. A VNT-15, like off a 1.9 TDi, would give you snappy response 
down low with a good spooling time, and with the right mechanical 
control setup you can even generate boost pressure at idle! How's that 
for a spool time? ;)

They aren't that expensive either, even bought new. VWDiesel.net has 
some good thread writeups on how to make a manual VNT controller, either 
boost-pressure actuated or cable operated tied into the accelerator pedal.

I'm planning for and kicking up funding for a V6 TDi conversion for my 
QSW, with the intention of going from a single VNT-20 to dual VNT-15s. 
Should be pretty sweet.


David Cook wrote:
> I want to add a turbo to my 1.6 NA motor.  I know that
> it doesn't have oil squirters, etc and I'll have to be
> a bit careful with tuning etc so things don't get too
> hot.  
> I'm planning on adding an EGT gauge with the
> conversion to help with fine-tuning it and ensuring
> that things don't go crazy temp wise.
> I also know that to keep temps in line I might have to
> detune it a bit which will naturally reduce the power
> output.  
> However, I am sure it will also give me somewhat of a
> boost in power, economy, and smokelessness.
> I know there are a bunch of different turbos out there
> and since I am going to have to buy one, I guess that
> means that I have my pick.  
> Question:  For what I'm doing, is there a
> recommendation on which turbo I would have the best
> results with?
> Thanks,
> David
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