[Vwdiesel] looking for an old Audi wheel

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 11 18:50:00 EST 2006

The bolt pattern for the Audi is 4X108, VW's are 4X100. So, you will need an 
Audi wheel. However, the list is quite long. Audi 5000, non turbo, non 
quattro 1978 - 1988. Audi 100 1989-1991. Audi 4000 Quattro 1984-1987. Audi 
4000 and coupe 1986-1987. Audi 80 and 90, both quattro and non, 1988-1995, 
including V6.

Hope this helps.
Tony Hoffman

P.S. I have quite a few (for free) laying around, but I'm in Oklahoma :(

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> Well, must've had a little too much fun this weekend.  Came out to the car
> yesterday and noticed a flat tire.  Turns out the wheel is bent up.
> So, now I'm looking for a new wheel to replace this one.  The tire is 
> fine,
> and my spare is in good shape, so all I really need is the wheel.
> I'm wondering if any of the seattle area listers may know where I could 
> find
> an alloy circa 1980 14" rim for this Audi 5000S.  I'm guessing that it's
> similar enough to a VW rim.  I can use my spare as a full time wheel, so 
> It
> doesn't have to match, I could just hide it in the trunk most of the time!
> If anyone has one of these they could part with, or a yard I should go 
> to...
> Chris
> Carnation, WA
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