[Vwdiesel] SilverStar headlights

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 18 12:16:06 EST 2006

I will whole-heartedly second that!  

I got some E-codes for my Corrado, and the difference
is quite literally night and day!

I found mine on ebay.de and searched "corrado
scheinwerfer" so you'd just search "jetta
scheinwerfer" instead.  

I don't know German, but was able to use an online
translation site well enough to figure out if they
were broken or anything.  Translations weren't very
good, but good enough for that.

Also, I found that if you save the auction in your My
Ebay (it looks similar enough to the US version for
you to find the link at the top) then later log onto
ebay.com all the info but the description (like
shipping info) are in english.

The E-codes work better because they aren't made to 60
year old lighting specs.  They focus the light instead
of scattering it all over the place (poorly).

Once you have your E-codes, I'd highly suggest adding
a relay harness to the system and then considering
higher wattage bulbs.


--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>  If I remember right Nick, you are driving an '85. 
> If you can pick up some E 
> code lights it's a huge improvement from everything
> I've heard.  Most say 
> there's just nothing you can really do to make real
> lights out of the "aero" 
> lights we have on the A2 Jettas.  :-P  A full moon
> often lights the road better.
>      Loren

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