[Vwdiesel] SilverStar headlights

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Mon Dec 18 20:34:12 EST 2006

mikitka wrote:
> I did some searching but still not understanding the E-codes. I saw a site
> that switch out some on a C5 Vette and on a Grand Cherokee. I did the Ebay
> for them on Jetta scheinwerfer but no luck.
> Nick


E-code lights are basically built to the European version of DOT's specifications.  While the light 
  pattern is supposed to be better than the DOT pattern, you may want to note that they may not 
meet the DOT specifications and most notably lack the DOT alignment bumps on the face of the lamp. 
  So if you live in an area that does vehicle safety inspections or get pulled over for a light 
violation, you may have trouble with e-code lights.  I once ran some and had a burned out light 
that earned me a fixit ticket.  However, in Calif. you can't just fix it and have a local police 
officer sign it off, must go to an official headlight inspection station for them to OK it.  Since 
it was a non-DOT lamp, I had to eat the cost of the fixit ticket.

I found that a decent set of DOT H4s or 6054 sealed beams does a really decent lighting job with 
full voltage to the headlights.  Use 20+ year old factory wiring and you may be lucky to see 10 
volts at the back of the headlights, but put new wires w/ relays (factory wiring has no relays on 
the A1s for sure) and you can easily double the light output:


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