[Vwdiesel] TDI stumbling

Arnie Grubbs vhuntertdi at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 12:44:37 EST 2006

Just a thought, you might want to check the injection quantity
at idle with vagcom and adjust it upward a bit.  If the setting
is to low it will cause a shudder at times when idleing down.
Its a software thing, dealing with calibration of the actual to requested
injection quanity from the ECU..

Check the TDI club for details on what adaptation block to change if
you want to go ahead with it.  

I had to do it on mine to get it to stop the infrequent shudder when
coasting down and pushing in the clutch.


I've checked a few things and have a few more to look at, but 
considering the road trip I have planned soon (Saturday), I thought I'd 
get the list's opinions.  '00 TDI.  It runs great going down the road, 
lots of power, etc.  But, when I throttle down, it will stumble or 
miss.  Listening to the rythm of the engine, it almost 
sounds...confused.  It will occasionally miss at idle, but it mainly 
occurs as it's dropping to idle, then it will smooth out after a few 
seconds.  VAG-COM has nothing to say about it. 

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