[Vwdiesel] We should listen to our wives more :(

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Dec 21 23:20:20 EST 2006

Hi Evans.
Fix the reason for the air getting in.
Sounds like there is more to it than not getting all the air out of the 
veg side of the fuel like a leaky valve or something.

For the sake of harmony, treat a car ride like an airplane ride. You 
can't get out and walk, so use one you are certain will work, or just 
drive hers so she can't complain. :-)

Dual inlet filters may be good, but if your filter plugs from veg oil, 
you have no diesel to keep going, since you are using the same filter.
I would think it would take a very long time to get all the veg oil out 
of the filter as well before shut down.

If you have that much air, yes, bleeding the injector lines would be okay.

Evans Antoniou wrote:
> hi all,d
> had to go out for a drive the family and i insisted on
> taking my veggie machine (96 1.9TD Jetta). i had
> purged most of the air on the veggie side so i felt it
> was safe. i told my wife this but she was more
> comfortable with taking her MK4 tdi but i was stubborn
> and like a good wife that  she is , she listened to me
> :)  :(
> drove around in the middle of the night (8pm and it
> gets very dark at this time - eastern canada) and on
> the veggie the power starts to drop so i switch over
> to diesel quickly.
> so the engine never got rid of the air and to makes
> matters worse i did not have my tools!!! 
> so call the tow truck which only takes 2 people and we
> were five. my wife chose to wait in a restaurant of my
> choice which only threw her out 10 minutes after i
> left. she was fuming!!!
> i though sleeping on the sofa would be the best choice
> as we were both very upset at the situation but for
> different reasons. 
> so now the problem.
> while the car was sputtering i removed the overflow
> hoses one at a time which seemed to help for a short
> period. should i have done this? i know it was air
> because i use clear hoses on my veggie return and
> there  was plenty of air both of foam and air pockets.
> now the car start so should i just uscrew the top of
> the injector line for a few seconds?
> the fuel filter was changed a few months ago.
> would it be save to purchase a fuel filter with 2
> inlinets only and simply removing the "T" piece?
> one of the local veggie car owner did this and he does
> not have any  problems. what do u guys thinkk?
> thanks for all the help
> thanks form Montreal.
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