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Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at buckeye-express.com
Sat Dec 23 18:22:49 EST 2006

Identifying fuel source..location, etc....

Ohio, midway between Cleveland and Toledo, right on the shores of Lake Erie.
1985 Jetta TD ,,,,IP started dripping from turbo enrichment module about 

I gurgled in a quart of 2-cycle oil and a splash of supplements, and when 
this didn't completely solve the drip, I added a quart of Ford 
ATF.  Something worked, at least temporarily.

Keep up the good work, James. Find that devil in the woodpile.

Doyt Echelberger

At 11:45 PM 12/22/2006, you wrote:
>I had a long chat with the fellow gearheads at the local Bosch emporium
>They have heard a lot of stuff.  If one tenth of the doomsday that they
>have heard comes to pass, they are going to be busy boys for the next
>while. BUT, we all agreed that there is a lot of hype to this.
>This is to say, that any pump malady that happens in the next few years
>is going to be blamed on fuel, and the unscrupulous will use this to
>sell bug juice.   They mentioned that the Stanadyne rep told them to
>stock up, because there is going to be NO supply soon, the US is using
>it up THAT fast, well beyond production capacity.  One shop in ALberta
>purchased over a hundred grand THEIR COST of Stanadyne additives
>alone... must be reselling it somewhere, ebay, thirsty diesels in the
>US, etc etc... because it's payable in 30 days, no credit terms.  It's
>just that EVERYONE is chirping about additives... so there is a lot
>being sold.
>Now, the question we all had is why.
>There's been ULSD here since Aug 1, 2006.  No pumps crowding the door
>here.  This is a good thing for the TDI crowd.  here's the scenario-
>your pump leaks, they can rebuild it, but it's 200K for tooling and
>machinery to calibrate this one pump, and only this one pump, so your
>local shop cannot justify the expense of machinery that wears out by the
>time it pays for itself...  So, when (if) it gets busy, you have two
>options.  Rebuild your own pump at the local shop, and it goes out to be
>calibrated which will take 2 mos total time, or you pop the big coin, go
>reman out of a box, or NEW.  big bucks, no scenario is pleasant.  At
>least they can do the old school stuff locally.
>Theories thrown around are that the US refinery fleet is by and large
>older than in Canada.  ULSD has been a real significant pain in their
>rosy red regarding upgrades in a timely manner.  We're wondering if it
>is specific refineries, adn problems with the process itself or the
>adiditives much like there were issues with the experimental fuel
>additive package out of a local refinery here years ago. It cost them
>significant coinage then to replace adn rebuild pumps that had
>depositional problems internally.
>I had mentioned here that those affected should post their location, so
>we can track the issue. It would be interesting to see if the issues
>center around a specific supply point, or two using identical processes,
>or additive packages.  The thoughts today were that the additives were
>having the effect on the seals... some goofy shit in the additive
>package to make up for, or coincidental with the change in refining
>process in like refineries.
>The problems seem like there is a chemical, most likely a short chain
>hydrocarbon in the fuel that is attacking the Buna-n in the o-rings.
>Nobody had any opinions as to what an additive could do to prevent
>this... it's not like it reacts with the fuel, it just makes it slippery
>and higher cetane.
>SO, PLEASE, identify the fuel source, and your location if you have had
>pump leakage troubles since August-ish.  I'll track them, pin it on a
>map and maybe it will start to make sense if the sample size gets large
>enough.  Enough so that you may be in a postion to ask for your money
>for the rebuild from the refinery.
>Incidentally, pump diesel jumped 13 cents per litre here today.
>Gearing up for the holidays and the increased travel.  No collusion my ass.
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