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>  Should I take the cam-sprocket
>>lose and realign?  I haven't run it any yet, other than to turn it over 
>>by hand to see if things shift any more (it didn't).
>The reason for loosening the cam sprocket, is because THIS IS THE MOST 
>IMPORTANT PART of the procedure.  The cam to crank timing is critical. 
>No, make that CRITICAL.  IF it wasn't, the pulley would be keyed to the 
>cam, and a degree or two either way just wouldn't matter as much.
>The whole point of the steps are to remove as much error due to 
>differing belt lengths as possible.  It's impossible to make a belt 
>produced last week EXACTLY the same as one made in 1982, so the 
>procedure itself removes as much error as practically possible.  That's 
>why you time the crank to the valves first, then the pump to the crank. 
>  Doing it in that order removes any error accumulation.  There are no 
>shortcuts that leave you with perfect results.

That makes alot of sense, thanks.  Since it seems that it's not that 
unusual for the cam-sprocket to shift on the shaft, would it be 
acceptable to use some kind of locking compound on the union?  
Super-glue comes to mind, along with locktite.

Tightening and/or loosening the cam sounds like a possibly risky venture 
unless one has the proper tools to do it with. I used blocks of wood and 
wedges to block the most blockable cam lobes, for instance, when I was 
putting the timing belt on,  and I'm not sure this would be safe for 
breaking loose or tightening things on the head. I'm  thinking I'll wait 
till I can use my air wrench (no compressor right now) before I try 
loosening the cam sprocket.

One other question I had on the timing belt setup concerns some 
instruction I readin a Chilton manual - it says to strike the T-belt 
witth a mallet right between the cam sprocet and IP sprocket - that just 
doesn't sound right and I/m not going to do it, but what do you think 
about doing that?

>>One other question:  The pully on the intermediate shaft is not a tight 
>>fit on the shaft, it moves maybe a degree either way before the key 
>>stops it.  I tightened the bolt down to about 70 ft-lbs.  Also, is it 
>>normal to be able to slip this pulley around against the T-belt after 
>>the tension is set on the T-belt?
>Like Val mentioned, it shouldn't be loose.  Tightening the bolt should 
>be putting tension on stuff, so better investigate.  Are you seeing the 
>play at the keyway, or just feeling it on the pulley when turning it? 
>If going by feel, it would be oil pump and vac pump play you feel?
It's the keyway in the pulley that's just a wee bit sloppy - but I also 
suspect mishandling or outright sloppiness occurred in the supposed 
rebuild that was allegedly done to this thing before I bought it.  I'm 
wondering if the wrong pulley got installed, or the wrong intermediate 
shaft, or someone modified one or the other.  As far as whether the vac 
and oil pump are being properly driven, how hard should the shaft be to 
turn? I can turn it fairly easily either way with just a thumb and index 
finger .

Thanks for the info.


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