[Vwdiesel] changing the timing belt

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>  First you do need to fix the intermediate pulley slop.  Haven't seen 
>that before so it's not normal.  In the process you may want to renew 
>the shaft seal and the thin, green o-ring behind/around the seal holder.

It has a black one and red RTV slathered around it.  Is the green o-ring 
of a tougher material than the usual black o-rings made of nitrile?  If 
not, could I just use a comparably sized one out of an o-ring selection 
on hand?

>Wouldn't want those to start leaking along with the cam or even crank 
>seal after all this.
That's for sure...

>  (Just common oil leak places along with the oil 
>sender and valve cover gasket.)
>  Here's how I do it.  Find your TDC mark on the flywheel.  Pin the 
>pump, pop the cam gear and set the cam to parallel/TDC and have 
>the tensioner loose.  Pull the belt up snug, rotate the pump, top toward 
>the cam/ counter clockwise from the front of the pulley, a half a tooth 
>(the pin will slip in/out with even drag on top and bottom of the inner 
>hole.)  Slip the belt on the pump pulley, be sure it's over the lip of the 
>int. and tensioners.  Set the cam pulley in the belt then lift and slip it 
>on the cam.  The taper makes this the easy way without fighting the 
>belt on.  :-)  Run the bolt up about a half thread short of finger tight. 
>Recheck TDC and pump.  Run up the tensioner clockwise plenty 
>tight a couple times then back off to proper tension.  Recheck TDC 
>and pump.  Snug up cam bolt lightly with a wrench.  Recheck tension.
>WHACK a long wrench to tighten the cam bolt.  Be sure any cam lock 
>is removed beforehand!!!!  (All should now be fine and if tension is correct 
>and timing was correct before, your timing will even be in spec!)  Check 
>timing, loosen and rotate pump as needed.  Be sure timing advance knob 
>is not only in but that the lever on the back of the pump is fully seated on 
>its stop.
>     Loren

Thanks Loren, gotta save that one for a sunny day to try.  BTW,  I 
forgot to change the subject line on my last reply to the list, sorry 
James, and thanks to you all for listening.


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