[Vwdiesel] changing the timing belt

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Dec 25 14:46:00 EST 2006

> How about using an (accurately adjustable) impact gun on the cambolt, or is that a no-no?
>> 	ps: If you're struggling on this over the holiday, email me, 
>> 	and I'll give you a phone number so you can call with questions.
> Thanks, nice offer; it's kinda cold and rainy here for the next few days though, so the Jetta project has kinda gone to the back-burner for now.
> Mike

That's actually preferred by some, me included.
Much better and less chance of damage if the operator has technique at 
his disposal.  Also use for injector removal, crank sprocket bolt 
removal, and a variety of things that get killed by application of 
torque other than radial during removal.

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