[Vwdiesel] foam in vents

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Sat Feb 4 19:07:41 EST 2006

I just went through that this winter. I had to remove the console and 
all the under dash pieces and air plenum. I found the flapper door was 
nothing but the sheetmetal with I think eight large holes. Used some 
vinyl and interior trim adhesive to "recover" the flapper. Works good 
now. But the part of access is not too bad mostly screws, took about 
two hours start to finish.

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  Just was wondering if I need to take my dash apart to replace the foam 
 is flowing out my vents? I know it being a 91 model foam will not last
  forever. Everything seems to be working ok other than not much heat 
 out the bottom section when I have it on floor mode.Nick

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