[Vwdiesel] blinking temp light

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
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You won't accomplish anything pulling the wires from the coolant level
sensor, the light looks for an open circuit, and taking the wires off
ensures it sees one, making the light flash.  The probes look for continuity
through the coolant that touches the probes.

VERY CAREFULLY, with a socket, remove the sensor from the top of the coolant
expansion tank, use a degreaser to clean the probes and reinstall. A light
film of oil is enough to screw up the resistance measuring capabilities of
the probes, so cleaning them usually does it. Reinstall, and tighten only
enough to not leak, use a new o-ring if you have one.  this thing breaks
easily, the nut part pops off if you overtighten, rendering it inoperable
and ...er...busted.  Connect the wires.  This will fix it if it's fixable.

The glow plug light flashes if the water separator sensor see water, not the
coolant level sensor.


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I am puzzled by my low antifreeze signal light.  It blinks and the resivour
is full enough.  I had removed the fuel water separator and thot it might be
shorting out, so taped those prongs.  Also pulled the wire to the sensor in
the top of the resavior and shorted it out with a paper clip and it still
blinks.  Any suggestions?

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