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And do not forget that the pistons are "cam ground" which means they are not
a perfect circle-they are oval shaped--
I do not recall where to take the measurements. I believe the measurement is
taken perpendicular/parallel to the piston pin. ( say that one 5 times real
I had a VW trained mechanic in the stealership tell me an engine was junk;
until the service manager explained the cam ground piston to him--(warrantee
claim in 1983 as they fumbled around trying to find a noise which ended up
to be a broken flange on the front of the intermediate shaft.)

Good luck

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  Whomever you have do the work, make sure they bore for the 
proper piston to cylinder clearance.  Most shops want to leave 
you with much more than the .001 specified clearance.  When 
about .0025 clearance is wear limit, you don't want any more 
to start than you need!
  I had to argue with the shop that did my last one or two.  They 
wanted to bore it with almost .002 clearance and refused to do 
.001 until I showed them in black and white!
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