[Vwdiesel] cosmic interference

Justin and Chelly Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Sun Feb 19 15:25:19 EST 2006

I have heard of a similar thing.  My Sister had a 93 Dodge Caravan that 
would almost die in the same spot.  The rig would act like it had run 
out of fuel for a ways and then would accelerate again.  Suspected that 
there was a signal that was jamming the fuel control circuits.  There is 
a rail road signal shed next to that stretch of highway.  Fords had a 
problem with two way radios jamming their computers.  The computer 
didn't have a metal back, just exposed potting compound.  Ham radio's 
when used in them would impose a signal on the vehicle's tin.  The fix 
was to remove the computer and completely enclose it in metal to shield 
it from stray signals.

>An event that has occured three times now:  I'm
>leaving work in the 2000 
>TDI and I get just about even with the central
>comtrol building and the 
>gravity thickeners and the dashboard brake indicator
>and ABS lights come 
>on.  I push in the clutch and do a hot reboot and
>the problem goes away 
>leaving only an error code about voltage
>irregularities in the ABS 
>system.  All three times it's happened when leaving
>work, about three 
>minutes and maybe 2000 feet after starting it up. 
>It also happens 
>exactly in the same place between those buildings. 
>Anyone heard of 
>anything like that?  We do have a Nextel
>re-transmitter in that 
>building, I think, and I'm almost wondering if
>there's some kind of RFI 
>or something.  It could, of course, be just a
>voltage fluctuation in the 
>ABS controller, but it's happened nowhere else but
>right there. 

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