[Vwdiesel] one good call

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Mon Feb 20 18:56:58 EST 2006

When finally backed up to the wall with his pickup dead, this friend of 
mine finally worked on something.  He has an '86 Jetta D that had run 
away on him once and didn't start afterwords.  I'd asked the list about 
it at the time and one of the suggestions was to check the glow plugs.  
I'd recommended that to him at the time and, several months later, he 
finally looked at them.  Turns out, they weren't there.  At least the 
tips weren't.  Somehow or another, the tips of the glow plugs 
disintegrated in the runaway experience.    Started fine afterwords.  
Needless to say, he still has massive blow-by problems and will have to 
fix that...sometime, but at least he's back on the road and not looking 
to borrow one of my cars.



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