[Vwdiesel] one good call

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Feb 20 22:45:38 EST 2006

I agree that bad injectors will cut the tips off of glow plugs.
For reasons I will not be able to explain, when there is a bad runaway
on the older IDI engines, often the tips of the glow plugs are "cut"
off in the process.

I've seen it dozens of times, and when faced with a runaway which 
won't start, I go for the glow plugs.  Two or more are usually 

Replacing the glowplugs doesn't help for long, unless the runaway 
problem is fixed.


>   When the tips are gone off of the glow plugs it's always or durn near 
> almost always from bad injectors, pretty bad injectors.  Bad enough 
> that if it's a TD it can hole a piston if left alone.  
>   So, do you get the pickup for all your helpful advice?  It IS dead 
> afterall, 
> right?
>      Loren
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