[Vwdiesel] conversion from power steering to manual steering on an '82 Rabbit

Scott Alexander salex at dsl.cis.upenn.edu
Mon Feb 27 22:46:04 EST 2006

My '82 Rabbit has power steering.  Each time I try to do anything deeper
in the engine compartment, I curse the extra hoses that seem to be right
in the way.  Also, driving a friend's '83 GTi, the manual steering seems
to work pretty well even at parking lot speeds, so I'm not sure I'm
getting much practical advantage from the power steering.

Bus Depot, among others, seems to have a manual steering rack for $120,
so I'm considering a swap and am wondering:

- Is there a disadvantage to swapping from power to manual steering that
I've overlooked?
- Has anyone done this and is there anything I should I know before
starting in on the work?
- Before I go spend some quality time looking at Kate, does anyone know
what parts besides the rack need to be changed over?

My thermostat seems to have failed and the power steering pump is right
in the way, so I'm inclined to make the swap when I deal with that.

Scott Alexander
Warren, NJ

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