[Vwdiesel] Power steering swap

hwy9fergs at comcast.net hwy9fergs at comcast.net
Tue Feb 28 18:44:52 EST 2006

- Is there a disadvantage to swapping from power to manual steering that
I've overlooked?
- Has anyone done this and is there anything I should I know before
starting in on the work?
- Before I go spend some quality time looking at Kate, does anyone know
what parts besides the rack need to be changed over?

Howdy, I just swapped power steering into one of my Jettas.  If it's anything like the Jetta, your Rabbit will need the tie rods from a manual steering car(different) and also it will need the steering shaft U'joint assy from a manual steering car, to make up for the fact that the height of the racks is different. Don't forget the cost of your alignment when you're done.
Seems like quite a bit of trouble over a relatively minor annoyance, but that's just me.  Doug Ferguson  

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