[Vwdiesel] Rabbit talk from Svend --- ( message for 2006 --optimistic )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Thu Jan 5 14:56:19 EST 2006

There are several types of personalities ---- Optimistic  (me and Hagar) Pessimistic  (I
refuse to name)   and  a lot in No mans land.---The people in NO mans land are the only
SANE people IMHO.

So is this OT ? no way it is .----Us optimists are the majority in this Forum ? Ja
?----that is why it works.

We say OK you never TUNED a Rabbit ?   --?   you can learn --and we will show you how to
do it.

A pessimist will say we are running out of energy  ---An Optimist will say NO WAY we got
lots.----The NO mans lander ?  will say lets use it wisely. --to make sure the Pessimists
are wrong.

I Svend is a twin brother of Hagar -----IMHO   Hagar is a complete IDIOT at times --he
does not know when to keep his yap shut. . I suspect it has to do with him attending
School in Texas. --I did most my schooling in Danmark  ---attitude was way
different.---Well he IS my brother ---no easy fix for that ?.

My wish for 2006 ? is that LOREN will get active here again ---and Loren you can be sure
that I Svend can beat the daylight out of Hagar  --any time at all.

Kill Him ? that would be like shooting myself in the FOOT.---he knows more about Diesels
than I will ever know.

If we pool our knowledge and experience ? Ja ?   We will ALL get to the Coal mine on time.

Why Coal ?   well I hate Salt  --it ruins a lot of fine Rabbits.


PS :   yes YES we can do it.--read my lips.

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