[Vwdiesel] Hybrids in Amerika ? ---( a major FRAUD ---IMHO ).

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Thu Jan 5 16:52:40 EST 2006

You may all quote me SVEND, :

GM  EV-1 was a fraud.   ---The GM   5.7L  V8   Diesel was a fraud.    ---likewise the new
line of Hybrids flogged in Amerika ?  --same --fraud.----Do I know the definition of fraud
?---try me.

It was NO fault of the engineers --it is to blame on POLITICIANS and  ADVERTISING
outfits.-----not to mention the Gullibility of the RICH Amerikan public. (the poor too).

Example ?   no problemo ----my definition of GREED? :.  ---- : A person who does not buy a
Powerball ticket when it is  100 million US dollars --but will stand in line for 3 hours
when the prize is 500 million.

If a hybrid say do NOT plug it in ?   --it is a very expensive FRAUD.---read my lips.

Hydrogen ?   --forget it , if you are not RICH --and a environmental
anatic.  --(impractical at this time).

Remember I reside in Ballard Land ?   BC   Kanada  ---

There are other options ----BUT   none that compares to a VW Rabbit 1.6 L  Turbo (
Garrett)   4 doors-----NONE that I have ever heard of.

ONE problem --Ja?  ---ja you MUST be a DIY type.----if you read this you probably are one
already ? EH ? JA.


PS :   why do I talk about Hybrids today ? ----simple --I am watching CNN and Fox.   TV.
Do not forget the buyers of Hybrids get dollars out of your pocket ?ja.  TAX dollars.

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