[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 -- ( the Candle Caper )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Fri Jan 6 10:42:14 EST 2006

According to James Hansen ---candles may create a problem ----so we are using  Pure
refined Paraffin Wax  --until further notice. ---I should get royalties from Conros   --?
Ja ?   I recommend using  ParoWax.
NO I have NO connection to that company.

There are TWO reasons for adding the wax .   --When I first used it many years ago it was
to lubricate the IP.---------then one day it dawned on me that it may provide a second
what ?  ?????     " Ignition "  ---with some bad fuels the ignition delay is
considerable ---the wax has a very short delay.--so ?  it sets off the charge. --a very
small amount makes a BIG difference.

I  learned about this principle during WAR # 2 ---when I made batches of BLACK POWDER --a
small amount of Yellow Sulfur is added to improve ignition quality.--Sulfur ignites at
very low temperature.

So you see?   a little dab will do ya   ---- and it is cheap when on sale.   on the back
of the box it states as follows :  Waxing Skis  ---Snow showels Zippers and Drawers and so
on. And make your own Candles.
Artistic  Candles --wait so I tell Lenora and Sigrid ---( I have to hide my full boxes


PS :   there is a third function --and that reason is very important for worn

The OLD hams here knows about  Sulfur and Glycerin mix ----Letharge ?  I have to ask Doyt
Echelberger about that one.

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