[Vwdiesel] 5 speed for diesel

rumple stiltskin stiltskin1969 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 7 18:43:15 EST 2006

      I am looking for a 5 speed for my 1982 VW Caddy with all parts needed to convert the tranny from a 4 to 5 speed
  present                desired or similar
  4sp                       5sp
GC12065              FFxxxxx  ???
1st 3.45             3.45
2nd 1.94            1.94
3rd 1.28             1.29 gear ratios
4th 0.91             0.91
5th - 0.76
fin 3.89               3.89   ??        

  an estimation is almost 1000rpm less at 65mph using the FF tranny. That is what 
you want. Frankly, I don't think the engine has enough to sustain speed 
at only 1800 rpm or so.

Max torque is at ~2000rpm. Max fuel economy will be found here as well.
  here are my other thoughts in my project...in order to achieve the desired highway crusing speed with desired torque, rpm's etc., I am considering the following:
    the truck is wearing  14 inch tires , not 13 as I had assumed.
  so that could make a considerable difference, yes. 
  has p175/65/R14   could use say ?____________in a taller profile (sidewall height?)
  to get a longer stride? greater circumference?   

  what ideas using the 5 speed tranny you would ship to me that will help if you please?
  mike in ft.myers, florida 305-731-3185
  stiltskin1969 at yahoo.com

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