[Vwdiesel] Injection Pump testing ---( the fuel flow test )

Svend M Kjong svend at prcn.org
Sun Jan 8 12:40:33 EST 2006

Ok so you did the test ?  ---and the flow was very low ? -----this is where the FUN

I strongly recommend that you make an adapter ---an extender for the OUT banjo bolt.--Very
simple to do I shall tell you how I did it.--- get hold of an inlet banjo  and connect a
piece of rubber fuel line to a gauge.
Stack the banjos  you must keep the Orifice bolt up top. -----Works like stink.-----hell I
can even drive with the gauge hooked up. ----

Lets look at how BOSCH does it ? Ja.   ----On a brand new pump ---The orifice is
fixed --the RPM is fixed --- at 500 RPM (Pump)  --the pressure is then set by adjusting
the  " Pressure Control Valve " to 43.5 PSI.   note that it is not like a Pressure
regulator Valve.. ---The first time you adjust that Valve ? I guarantee you will piss
yourself laughing---it is THAT EASY.

I drove a 1982 1.6 NA  Rabbit  TIMED by a professional. --She was a smoking slug---for
years. Then Gary Bangs in Florida gave me a push --and I will never go back to
IMING  --from now on it is HILLBILLY TUNING --to the grave. ---   Read Gary Bangs comments
after he started  going with Hillbilly TUNING. ?  -  that should convince you. If it does
NOT ?   ---Bunny Bondo will. 1984  1.6L Turbo Rabbit.

Yes Gary Bangs I know I thanked you a thousand times----BUT I can never thank you enough.I
live in the BUSH  and have to be a DIY type. (I am born that way anyway)----SO? well to me
it is not a chore --it is fun.


PS :   I have a lathe with DC motor  and I use it for testing Aircraft Magnetos and
Spark-plugs  ---NO problem to test a BOSCH IP.------BUT you can do it ALL on the Rabbit.

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